Craft and Pour Cocktail Events

Do you enjoy a great cocktail? Do you love the experience of watching a master mixologist create a cocktail using precision, flair and expertise? Do you love that first note of flavor you get from smelling a drink and then the enveloping feeling you experience from that first sip? Do you love it so much you wish you could do the same at home, whether for a group of friends or just for your own satisfaction? Then Craft and Pour is the answer. Craft and Pour is a fun, engaging and educational way to learn about the art of mixology. You and your guests are guided through how to make classic cocktails and learn the art and pour of cocktails. 

Craft and Pour brings the science, mystery and skill of master mixology to homes in the greater Lincoln, NE area. Turn your next gathering into a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guest as you create cocktails first hand and learn how to recreate them with ease and flair. Learn why bartenders use certain ingredients, get familiar with the tools of the trade and learn what to look for the next time you visit your favorite bar. You’ll be shown the ropes of how to make classic cocktails and a few little secrets here and there!

Craft and Pour offers an original bar experience by working directly with the host to create cocktails catered exclusively for your gathering. We offer an experience tailored for your individual event, whether it’s just for fun, for a birthday party, a bridal shower or holidays. Each party can include up to 10 people. We can accommodate larger parties and corporate events, too. We will work with you to build a memorable experience your guests will be talking about for months!

Contact Kevin for pricing and details. or 402-613-9879. 

Cocktails are our passion. Education is our mission. Let us Craft one for you.